Friday, February 23, 2018

Paint, round 2

I dropped the little dude off at school this morning, headed to Harbor Freight for wire wheels and  hit up Home Depot for a few other odds and ends before getting started on the inventory project (finished!).  Once that was done, I got started on the front beam paint.  A cursory review of yesterday's work showed that I probably don't have a future as a painter but I was able to clean up the beam and cover up most of yesterday's mistakes.  The one up side to the way VW originally painted the beam is that there were a lot of paint runs, broken welding sticks and splatter on them - they were far from perfect.  Which is perfect for someone like me to refinish because I can only make it look better than it did.
I did one more coat of primer on the middle section and three coats on the end bits (basically until I ran out of paint).  I waited about an hour and did the top coat.  The paint says it can be top coat painted after 30 minutes but I opted to wait slightly longer (also helped me get other stuff done while waiting).

Overall, I think it will look pretty good - I'm going to leave the parts in the shed for a couple of days - I just have to remember to take them out before it starts raining next week.  Then the biggest challenge: Not totally fucking it up while I install it on the car...
For the duration of this project - I wore a respirator - paint dust, rust and Ospho being ground and blasted everywhere.  I also wore this while painting.  After going through three sets of filters - I'm happy I opted to wear the bulky sweaty mask.  I couldn't smell the epoxy paint at all until I took it off - it works very well!

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