Sunday, February 4, 2018

2018, Week 5

Jan. 30:  Posted up a bunch of miscellaneous parts for sale in a Facebook group.  After an initial hassle of people asking questions and not buying anything - the sales started happening.  I've sold through about $300 in parts so far - which is not bad.  I may move the parts to other groups to see if I can sell through the majority of what's left (and any other parts I find).

I have done nothing with the car.  Battery is probably dead again.

Feb. 2:  I shut off the classified alerts from TheSamba - I'm done buying parts for a while so there's no need to SPAM myself with email I'm not going to read.

Feb. 4:   I've sold close to $600 in parts thus far...exceeded my expectations by about $500.  I'll change a few things up in the ad - share it to other groups and hope to sell through the rest of it.  I've got a few more things to post but I'm about done.

Follow up conversation with the guy in New Zealand about the engine - he was able to dig into the engine failure a bit more and it turns out that the engine didn't blow - it was the coil that exploded all over the engine.  He said that it was positioned over the #3 cylinder and the way it exploded made it look like the oil cooler was leaking and the sound made him think the engine let go.  His plan is to pull the heads to check them out of an abundance of caution, clean the coil goo off of everything and fire it up again.  Makes me feel a bit better about the engine, I suppose.  Someday, I'll get the car over to the local dude for a tuning...hopefully before we move.

I attempted to start the car today to pull it out of the garage and get into some cabinets so I could list/sell more parts.  The battery is dead - this means there's something attached that's draining the battery and it happens in two or three days.  I had to push the car outside to get into the cabinets and then back in when I was done.

I have neither the desire nor the patience to try to figure out what's causing the power drain so the car can sit.  I wish I'd burned out on this car before I spent a shit ton of money on a new engine and transmission.

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