Thursday, June 21, 2018

Damaged goods arrive

Two things happened today.

I sold the NOS front beam to a guy in Nebraska.  I'm going to pick up a box tomorrow and get it packed and hopefully shipped.

I received the muffler for the CSP Python exhaust.  The box was poorly packed and only stapled shut (no tape).  Part of one of the long flaps was torn open but it didn't look like anything was missing.  Once I got the box open, I inspected the contents to find that the muffler has been rather severely dented.  I've forwarded photos of the damage along with the package condition to CSP - now I get to wait and see how they respond.  The box with the tubes/pipes is about a week away due to a delay on their part in getting it out the door.  I'm far less annoyed with the delay now that I have a muffler that is damaged.

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