Monday, June 25, 2018

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.

From a project car perspective - today was both productive and weird.

I received confirmation from CSP that the rear disc brake kit could be converted using a few simple parts - they did not propose that I buy a whole new brake kit.  I'm waiting on the sales team to tell me the cost of the parts...should be tomorrow, I'd guess.

Once I had that confirmation about the brakes - I decided to start posting parts for sale.  Sold a few things and then through some Facebook conversations, I sold a whole lot more.  Since I'm heading into an IRS conversion and I have that prostreet transmission, I cannot use the camber compensators.  In two different conversations, I sold all of the camber compensators and their related parts within a couple of hours.  I also sold a few other stock parts that I've been hanging on to for quite some time with no real reason or purpose.  I'm real close to having this conversion fully funded through the sale of parts that I would have likely never used.  It'd be great if half of what's left would sell too - I'm motivated to let things go now that I have what appears to be a clear path forward.

Additionally, I found a semi-local source to both replace the fuel line and weld in the KlassicFab floor pans.  They're working up a quote to do the job and I should have that back tomorrow.  Having all of this information at hand definitely makes it easier to propel the work forward.  Plan is to get the exhaust on the car, drive it for a while and then take it apart for the pan restoration/IRS conversion.  Let's see how I do later this year, yeah? 

I will have to come up with a list of things to modify on the pan before I drop it 8mm fuel line is one, moving the rear brake T as it exits the pan is another thing.  The rear seat kick panel I've been dragging around, along with the pans and the NOS rear kick panel stand brackets will finally get put to use!  It also sounds like they've got an old school panel beater within their walls - I could theoretically take a panel at a time and fit my stuff in between their full blown restorations - getting the car closer to paint each time.  It'll be nice if it works out that way but I'm not going to get too excited quite yet.

Speaking of not getting excited - the box of pipes from CSP is in New York and should have cleared US Customs today but it didn' Thursday is the soonest it'll show up this week.

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