Saturday, June 30, 2018

I'll keep marching on like a broken robot

I finished reinstalling the engine tins and the manifolds in the pizza oven garage today.  I wound up with some extra time so I test fit the CSP Python exhaust - suspecting that I'd have some interference issues to resolve.
 The exhaust tip sits in about the same place as the Vintage Speed so there must be something weird going on with the rear apron on this car.  Not to fret - it's getting fixed or replaced in the future so it can stay this way for now.
 The Python exhaust tip sticks out further than the Vintage Speed exhaust (this is adjusted all the way out).
 The muffler hides this pipe - I just thought it looked strange from the back.

What appears to be a ridiculous amount of camber is due to the car being on jack stands - although the real life 'on the ground' stance isn't wildly different from this...and the reason I want to do the IRS conversion.

Suspicion confirmed: The remote filter to required removal to get the left side mounted correctly.  I'm going to have to find another place to put it as this location is no longer viable.
I dropped the filter mount and the left side mounted up.
Clearance note: there's about a finger's width between the exhaust and the oil fill tube.  The close proximity of the pipes has me leaning toward wrapping all of the pipe to try to control the heat a little bit.
Clearance note: There's about two finger's width between this pipe and the bellows boot.  I have not mounted the heat shield yet.

Clearance note: The current hose routing is no longer viable due to the proximity of the exhaust pipe to the hoses.

The mustache bar half will need to come out - which will be fun because that means removing both the pulley shroud and the fan shroud to get the bar off of the case.  While that's all off - I'll swap from hose clamps and rubber hose to AN fittings and more durable hose.  All of this assumes that I've worked out a better location for the filter (and possibly the inclusion of the oil cooler since it's all apart).  Once again, this car is dying to be taken apart...but I shall resist for now.

There's more fun to be had here...

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