Friday, June 22, 2018

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place

So, I learned today that the 'dent' in the muffler is was borne out of the necessity to make the header fit properly.  I can now go back to being annoyed that the second box was delayed 6 days - preventing me from driving the car to the local show on Sunday (unless it rains).

I wound up spending some time chatting with the owner of a local ACVW shop this morning - discussing the merits and costs of doing an IRS conversion while the pan is apart.  He's interested in doing the conversion, has the experience in doing them and the price was pretty reasonable.  I may have also found a guy to install the KF pans at a reasonable price as well - I'll chat with him at the show on Sunday.  The really great part about getting the pans done and converting to IRS is that I'll get to 'consume' some of the largest parts in my cabinets and they will be much easier to move next year if they're permanently attached to the car or sold (swing axle parts).  I have spares of spares and those will likely get posted in the next few days.  The camber compensator parts will all go off to new homes as well - once I sell the swing axle parts, I should be able to recover most of what I will put into the IRS conversion.

The only real bottleneck to the decision is the rear brake kit...if I can buy a couple of parts and convert it to work with IRS, I'm probably going to go for it.  If I have to buy a whole new kit, I most likely will not go for it unless/until I can find a buyer for my swing axle kit...which is probably not going to happen so easily.

Such a slippery slope - getting the pan done would be a huge leap forward though.

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