Monday, June 18, 2018

Effingham 2018

The Effingham show was very light in both participants and attendees - there were two other shows in the region on the same dates and I think they all suffered some attendance issues because of it.

63 Type 34 - a little rusty but pretty straight body.  Guy wanted $20k for it, which I think is a bit ambitious.  Interior was worn and partially replaced - overall decent.
 70's Brasilia - it was very nice but a little too low.
 Super nice 'vert.
 A German Fridolin with crazy expensive paint.  Very nice condition but hard to look at in bright sunlight.
 Really nice split window single cab.  Very clean inside and out.
21 window split bus - looked nice from 20' away but as I got closer, I noticed that the little windows on top had rust around all of them.
 '68 Squareback - mostly stock, decent shape.  I was too lazy to walk over to get closer.  It was over 95ºF and I was wiped out.  The double door bus was super nice.  Must have been like driving a pizza oven though.
 Two very similar split buses - both in nice shape!
 NOS front beam brackets.  I never expected to find these at a show in the middle of Illinois.  A little worn but they'll clean up nicely.
The only other thing I bought - a super straight front subframe plate.  It'll clean up really nicely and take paint and then I'll sell it - because people like pretty stuff.

I sold the Vintage Speed exhaust from the car and the modified one that I've been dragging around for years.  It's been nice to slowly sell off the stuff I don't need or things that won't help me get where I want to go with this car.

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