Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Just because you've turned a corner doesn't mean you're out of the alley

I went into the garage with the goal of getting a few things done today. 

First up was to replace the pan boot and that went pretty well - the old part came out, the new part went right in.
The correct part on the left, the 'modified' part on the right.  The fit is perfect.
I'd planned to do an oil change and swap the oil fill tube for the later version so I'm not blowing oil residue all over the engine but I stopped so I can do other things.

An oil change, clutch adjustment and discovery regarding the weird noise on the right side are in order. 

Wheels need to be checked for 'true', carbs need to be adjusted once the exhaust is installed, oil needs to be changed, and a 4 wheel alignment should be done by someone more qualified than me.  I'd also like to try to figure out why I've got so much camber on the rear end - it should sit more flat than it does.

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