Tuesday, August 21, 2018

A little bit of progress

A few hints of progress for the various tasks to get the car back together:

Engine: I dropped off the remainder of the engine parts to Jim's place today - he now has everything except the exhaust.  I'm guessing it'll be the end of the week before the engine is put together - perhaps even into next week.

Transmission:  I placed the order for the transmission yesterday.  IRS, SuperDiff, welded 3rd and 4th, 4.12 R/P and .82 4th gear.  It'll be shipped to me the middle of next week because I caught the shop in a small lull in business and I'm a returning customer.

IRS Conversion: Another group of parts is due to arrive this week - spring plates, stub axles, bushings, bolts for the CV joints, etc.  I now have two different shops trying to cobble together the parts for the subframe - one in California and one in Arizona.  Neither one has gotten back to me to confirm they have the correct torsion bars though.  Trailing arms and axles are the easy part - the torsion bars in stock length are, apparently, a giant pain in the ass to find.  I don't know when the subframe will be done but I hope it's soon...

Pan:  The pan is 'almost done' - I hope that means that by this time next week, I can be working on getting brake line and shift rod installed.  I'll be building a new cart for it to get it lifted up to the correct spot for reattachment.  The hardware was cleaned in EvapoRust and came out really clean.  I'll probably save it for the next plating run to conserve cost and use the stuff that was done in Atlanta.

The fuel pump that was rebuilt and then gone over to make it look better turned out really nicely.  I sent another pump to the guy who did this work and this one is being sold to a local guy with a 67 Fastback.

I also found another tail light lens for his car - so he'll have a pair of brand new lenses and they should look real nice on his car while helping me to sell off a couple of parts in the process.

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