Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Laughing at weeds running out the door

These fasteners here belong in the 'overkill' department.  I bought locking fasteners for the CV joints - made by Stage 8.  I did a fair amount of searching and reading up on the IRS rear suspension while I was trying to determine what I needed and wanted.  One common theme was that people complained about the bolts on their CVs coming loose.  Since I'm going all out on this conversion anyway - it only made sense to add these to the list of improvements.
And while we're on the subject of 'unscheduled purchases' - I stumbled into a conversation on Facebook about fenders and wound up buying NOS rear fenders.  They don't have the trim holes in them but they're otherwise really nice parts.  They are in South Carolina and will be shipped to me in the next few days - and I'll put them in the rafters in the garage to keep them safe.  Nice to know that I don't need to worry about the cost of body work on my OG fenders any longer.

Getting back to the project at hand: I am expecting the box of IRS rear suspension parts to show up on Friday.  The rebuilt transmission should arrive mid-next week and the engine should be rounding the bend and near finished real soon.  I can't wait to hear it fire up with that Python exhaust on it...

The new pressure plate, throw out bearing and clutch disc showed up today.  The AN fittings and hose are due tomorrow.  I bought a trial size of the oil cooler hose and the fire sleeve after talking with the manufacturer - I may see if I can cut and fit the hoses myself to save some time/money.  I won't know about brake lines until the subframe is back on the car so that will wind up being a late in the process decision - along with the location of the oil cooler and the filter mount.

The pan and the subframe are due to be ready for pick up at the end of next week - it'll give me about a week to get it back together before the Crystal Lake show (last of the season around here) - so I think I'll be able to make a bit of progress but it won't be enough time to drive the car to the show...but who knows - maybe I'll have a stroke of good luck and it'll all just go back together.

As my self-imposed deadline of September 15th goes whooshing by while I'm in the garage surrounded by car parts - I have to keep in mind that I'll likely have near zero time to wrench on the car once I start back full time in the working world.  Things are getting close...

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