Thursday, August 30, 2018

Pan progress

Here's what Bob Ross would call a 'happy accident'...I dropped the warm air mixing box into some Evaporust thinking that it would clean off the crust on the inside of the tube and the stuff on the outside.  I didn't expect that it'd clean the insulation as well.  The black stuff that remained is undercoating - I can get that stripped off with Bug & Tar and I'll try dipping the whole thing to see what happens.
I stopped by the shop to check on the progress of the pan - one side is nearly done and the other side is ready to be installed.  They communicated that the pan AND subframe will be completely done by next Friday.
The rear end corner of the pan.
This shows the location of the cut on the pan to make it fit properly and deal with the missing hole on the Klassic Fab pans.
The tunnel metal was removed to replace the fuel line.  This is the rearmost area - it's very clean inside the tunnel.  After looking at the routing of the fuel line - I don't quite understand how Volkswagen expects that the fuel line can be replaced without opening up the tunnel.  The two tabs that support the line through the tunnel are very snug
The front of the tunnel - clean paint - but I'll be using cavity coater once it's all back together.
 Middle of the tunnel.
Front of the pan - should look really nice once it's cleaned up and painted.

The engine was started up for the first time yesterday - using different carburetors - I'm going over to check it out and see if there's another option for mounting the oil cooler off of the engine.  The exhaust should be mounted and the carbs could be attached while I'm there - I'd like to get the start up with the Webers and the Python on a short video.

I ordered gauges for the car today - Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Cylinder Head Temperature - the plan is to mount them in a 3 gauge cluster where the radio normally goes - so the bone stock interior them will be 'off' with this gauge cluster.  Routing the wires is another task that will get added to the list - I may try to do most of it while the car is still in pieces.

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