Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Perhaps a little progress might help?

Very small update on the inbound parts and progress...

The box of parts for the engine arrived today and were taken straight to Jim's to be checked out.  I suspect that'll happen tomorrow.  The box was packed pretty well and what I requested was in the box so that's a good start.  I imagine the engine will be ready to go in about a week and then I can scratch that off of the list.

I'd found a local guy with a new ProStreet IRS transmission but his price was pretty high and the gearing wasn't exactly what I, once again, I listened to my inner voice and passed on both that specific transmission and shop.  I'm going back to Transaxle Engineering for this transmission - they'll build up a transmission and ship it within 2 weeks (it's their slow season).  I'm going to use a stock Sachs pressure plate and the Daikin 503a disc on the clutch - the transmission will be a late dual side cover trans so it'll have the collar and the updated throw out bearing.  Additionally, I sold the swing axle transmission so tomorrow I am going to remove the axles and boots - get them cleaned up and posted up for sale.

I bought KBS paint and had it shipped to the shop for the pan and the IRS conversion, I found the rest of the parts I need for the IRS conversion but the guy is a tad slow so it probably won't ship until next week and I'll get it at the end of next week.  Most of the stuff I ordered is going to arrive tomorrow, although there is one shop to follow up with for parts.  I may wind up prepping and painting the spring plates and trailing arms myself if they don't show up in time for paint at the shop.

The IRS conversion parts are the hang up - I have two people who have the trailing arms but neither has communicated about being ready to ship them - I'm getting tired of asking them to let me buy stuff they don't want.  I'll have everything except the axles, trailing arms and torsion bars - you know, the important stuff needed to make this all work.  I can probably find it somewhere else but I'm hoping to keep the costs under control since I'm technically not in a rush.  But then there's that little voice telling me that it would be nice to drive it before winter...because it won't come back out until  April or May of next year after the snow has melted and the salt has been rained away at least twice.

Overall, parts sales have been good - I've sold over $2k in parts in the last few days - all of which is going right back into this car so it's not in my PayPal account for very long.  I still have Noico 80mil sound deadener and DEI Boom Mat to buy for the pan but it seems so far away that I haven't really concerned myself with it just yet.  It's a big expense and I'm trying to hold off as long as possible just in case something else more pressing requires adequate funding.

I've begun prep for the Crystal Lake car show/swap - the last local one of the season - by collecting everything I want to sell into bins and boxes.  I don't have high hopes but it would be nice to sell some of it at the show.  I'll make a decent presentation in my space but focus on friends most likely.

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