Monday, August 13, 2018

Action is the foundational key to all success

Long day today...

I started out by driving out to Seward and picking up some IRS conversion jigs from Adam Kottke - super nice guy who knows his shit - he's about 85 miles away and every highway between us is under some form of 'construction' - littered with traffic cones and those sign trailers that tell you that there are 'workers present'.  I only seem to drive past these work sites when everyone is at lunch because there are very rarely people out there working.

From there, I headed over to Woodstock - a little over an hour from Seward - to drop off the jigs, stock IRS pockets and the final jack point for the pan.  I checked out the shop - and their work on my pan.  Seems like I should have the pan back within 2 weeks with the IRS conversion done/painted as well.  We talked paint, timeline and cost...we're on the same page so things are moving forward.  I was on such a bender to get this stuff done that I didn't take any pictures today.

I departed that shop and headed home - detoured by 'construction' and it took 30 minutes longer than normal because of all of those traffic cones and the self-absorbed douchebags who can't be bothered to zipper merge when those traffic cones decide they need more space on the highway.  All in, I put 226 miles on the odometer today and spent over four hours in the car.

A conversation was started with CSP about the Python and their tuning cones - here's what they said regarding the tuning cones:
The cone inserts increase the venturi effect in your exhaust system which helps to get rid of the exhaust fumes faster. On some engines these cones can help to adjust the exhaust to the special engine characteristics, but it definitely requires a dyno and some engine tuning experience.

It is not absolutely necessary on a street driven engine, which usually is not highly modified.

Hope that helps a bit!

As banal as that all sounds - it's actually great news because it means one less thing to deal with - the engine build can resume until it's complete and ready to install.  This was the last potential bottleneck.  There's some exhaust welding to take place, header wrap and the oil filter mount to resolve.  The oil cooler probably won't get worked out until the engine/trans are back in the car.

The first order of parts for the IRS conversion arrived today - the pivot bolts, axle spacers and CV washers.  The bulk of the rest of it should arrive by week's end.

Ordering up the transmission is next up on the list - I decided to just order a new transmission vs. ship this one for conversion - I'm pretty sure I can sell it once it's ready to leave the garage.  Thursday or Friday, I'll pull the axles and tubes and get it ready for sale...I still need to find axles and torsion bars.  Tomorrow, I'm checking up on the spring plates and the control arms.  If the guy in Indiana can't deliver the control arms, I'll have to start digging for those again.  I'll get progress on this stuff - even if I have to put another 200 miles on the car to make it happen.

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