Wednesday, August 8, 2018

I've had quite enough or lack thereof

I continue to take it easy on my back to make sure I'm in good shape later - so I spent most of the day fairly sedentary today.  In my mostly seated position today, I went through the parts book and the online sources to get a feel for the IRS conversion process.  To get decent parts - it's going to cost a bit more than I expected...although all could turn out just fine if I'm smart about it.

I cleaned up the garage as it was left over a week ago - pulled out the floor pan seal and discovered that it's not in all that bad of condition - albeit a bit flat.  I can use window adhesive to fill in the gaps when the body is dropped back on the finished pan - especially since it's temporary until I pull it all off again for body work/paint.  It would solve a rather large hassle in this 'round of assembly.

Speaking of the pan - I was informed today that the pan work has begun at the shop today.  I have a jack point en route that'll have to be dropped off before paint...and we'll then discuss the IRS conversion cost/timeline.  Still a bit up in the air on that project but it looks like I'll be using T1/T3 stock parts for the first 'go round' and if I break something, I'll look into upgrading at that point.

I have to call and check in on the status of the parts shipment that was to have taken place today.

I'm going out into the world tomorrow to check out some parts at a local shop - hoping it bears fruit for this project.

Pieces are coming together - albeit MUCH slower than I'd hoped - but I'm learning to be okay with it as long as things are moving forward.

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