Thursday, October 26, 2017

Getting closer...

 A little bit ahead of schedule - I got the electric fuel pump installed and started the car.

I didn't drive it anywhere because I skipped the brake bleeding process to get the car I'll return to the brakes tomorrow morning.

I have a few other things to get back on the car before I can drive it.  I still expect to be able to drive the car tomorrow.
A very short video of the functional engine.  Not terribly exciting but here it is.

Tomorrow morning will have the brake bleed process completed, the seat belts installed, the floor mats installed, the safety relay installed, the rear hatch seal and, hopefully, the last delivery will arrive and I'll have the new spark plug wires so I can put the engine lid back on.

I received a few of my wayward parts via UPS/FedEx and USPS today...I found thinner axle flange gaskets without looking for them via FCP Euro.  If I'd had them when I was doing the axles, I could have used two gaskets per side.  The axles will loosen up a little through use and I'm not terribly concerned at this point.

I've also decided to remove the camber compensator because the way it's designed doesn't make any sense - it'll eventually shift slightly and just bash into its other half, making all kinds of noise and eventually damaging itself.  I may, at a later date, alter the design slightly, or just run without one.

It'll be nice to take this car out for a drive once it's all dialed in...then I'll get to start working on minor upgrades - like real seatbelts for the front and rear seats.

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