Monday, October 30, 2017

Speedometer and lighting updates

Found a decent speedometer on TheSamba.  I'll probably just clean it up and install it for now - when the car is down for restoration - it'll get sent out for restoration as well.

The front turn indicator LEDs came in today and I got those installed.  The other few parts haven't yet arrived so I'm going to work around that and see if I can get some of this 'punch list' of things done in the meantime.  I did some reading up on the tuning of Weber 40 IDFs and hope that most of it applies to these clones.

I should have the dash bulb issue resolved tomorrow (I hope) so I can put the gauge back into the dash.

I bought some LED headlights - which will give me something to do with the front end.  I should be done with lighting for a while after this is completed.

Also sold a few parts - always nice to get parts to people who can use them vs. having them sit in my garage.

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