Saturday, October 7, 2017

It's just not meant to be...

This is the result of FIVE HOURS of work.  Looks like it should have taken about an hour to get here...

JB came over and we got to working on the car - pulled the side gears, swapped the fulcrum plates to new ones (less binding) and tried to swap to new thrust washers but that was too tight so it had to be taken apart to swap them with the old ones.  Gaskets went on without too much trouble - used one gasket per side and it's snug.  Got the transmission mounted in the subframe after having to fight with the axles for a bit - did a pretty good job of scratching the shit out of the powder coat in the process.  This is where we stopped - the rear bolts for the spring plates are too short because (I think) the new washers and nuts are thicker than the stock washers.  The spring plates are intended to use 2 30mm bolts and one 35mm bolt.  They're currently using two 35mm bolts and will need one 40-45mm bolt.  I'm hoping that the local hardware store has them in stock so I can continue on tomorrow.  If the subframe makes it into the car tomorrow, I'd call that a 'win'.  I am fairly confident that this car isn't going to be fired up tomorrow - there's way too much to get done in between now and the stopping time tomorrow.

If nothing else - the parts will all be in the same place (on the car) vs. scattered all over the garage so that's a plus.

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