Thursday, October 5, 2017

It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it.

 The fuel tank piece that I ordered a few days ago showed up yesterday - as did the wayward box of parts.

The box of parts was, largely, a disappointment because it was missing parts and some parts were not correct...meaning that, while I gained parts, I wound up with parts I didn't need/want.  There are a few cool parts but, for what was spent, I'm disappointed.
 Today was semi-eventful...I got the axles installed.  I didn't get to finish, however, because I found more sand in the axle tubes - so they got cleaned again.  I'm hoping to have them installed tomorrow with the 3 or so hours that I have to work with.

This is supposed to be the weekend the whole shebang gets installed in the car - I'm doubtful that the car will be functional by Sunday.  If I do somehow succeed - the shitty part is that it's supposed to rain all weekend.  So even if I do get it all in and functional, I can't drive it.  The floor has holes in it and I have no functional wipers...and I don't really want to take the maiden trip in the rain - have something go wrong and have to sit in the rain waiting for roadside assistance to show up.  They're not exactly fast.
One of the last pieces of the puzzle showed up today - a fuel pump controller - it's a safety device to shut off the electric fuel pump in case of a wreck.  There are 5 wires to connect and it's pretty small in size (about 2" x 3" x 1") so it should fit semi-concealed under the dash.

I don't know why but I'm seriously lacking motivation to get this car back together.  I should be stoked to get this thing back together so I can drive it - that is, after all, what I wanted to do a few months ago - but there's a large part of me that simply doesn't give a shit anymore.  It's hard to get things done or search for parts when apathy is the strongest feeling related to this car.

It'll get back together - eventually - if it doesn't happen this weekend.  I just wish I was more enthusiastic about it.

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