Friday, October 13, 2017

Make measurable progress in reasonable time

This is the one sun visor I received from the recent parts haul and it looked substantially worse before I cleaned it.  I should have taken a 'before' photo but it didn't cross my mind until after I'd cleaned it.

I haven't made any progress toward getting the car to be functional - it is much as it ended last weekend.  I was missing a few hardware pieces and somewhere along the way, I lost nearly all of my motivation to work on the car.  The missing hardware arrived today but I have yet to find my motivation.  In the time that's passed, I've listed a few parts for sale online and worked through my inventory audit of parts.  It's about 95% accurate at this point.  I have two more jars of random hardware to sort through - I'd intended on doing that today and it'll have to wait for Monday now.  I have a few more things to list and sell in the coming days - I'm trying to get down to the parts I either need or want for a bone stock restoration as well as the current set up that I have.  Anything beyond that can be sold so I can slim down the vastness of this collection.

Maybe next week I'll have figured out where my motivation to work on the car has gone and I can rectify that as well.

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