Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Sorting out the parts books...

 I haven't been up to starting the tuning bit on the car yet...I'm trying to eliminate variables before I start tinkering with the carburetors.  I am considering buying (again) a fuel pressure regulator to ensure that the fuel pressure isn't causing the hard starting.  I have not gotten around to doing that yet...and the safety relay wiring is tiny and required smaller connectors that I, of course, don't have so I had to order some.  They'll arrive tomorrow.  The headlight project parts I ordered will all be together arriving late tomorrow so I'll have plenty to do, but until then, I figured I'd start figuring out how to pare down to one printed parts book, one scanned parts book and sell the rest of it.  I have come to the amazing conclusion that I don't need five parts books.  I've owned this scanner for, uh, more than three years and haven't used 90% of the functions until today.  I spent a good hour figuring out how to change settings, remove background color from the well used parts book pages, print as crisply as possible, etc.  I did a trial run today with Group 7 and the results were pretty good.  I filled in some missing pages with proper A4 sized photocopies from one of the other books once I felt like I had a decent grasp on the functions.
 This is the 'garage' set - each page is in a page protector so I can flip through it with dirty hands and not fuck up the book.  I imagine this book will wind up being made up of mostly copies - which, for what it is, will be perfectly fine.

I still have to work through the process of scanning the 'fold out' pages on my machine.  I know there's a way to do it - I've simply never done it and there will be a slight learning curve.  I will then have to integrate them into the 'normal flow' of the parts book since they're a different operation from the standard scanning process.
These file folders contain the extra pages from a parts book that was bought as 'very incomplete'.  As in "less than 80% intact" and there are several destroyed/missing pages but it's also one of the most recent supplement versions.  I've decided to use this one for 'parts' to fill in the other two books.  I should have at least one complete book to put up for sale when this is all done...I expect to have several extra sections/pages as well.

I did figure out the issue with the turn indicators so they both work as they should now.  I am going to check the function of the other bulbs to make sure they're correct and functional so I can wipe this item off of the list.

So I've got a little electrical work to do in another couple of headlights and the completion of the safety relay, some horn wiring and I may tackle the wiper wiring if I can figure it out.  Then the only thing left will be the fuel delivery/carburetor tuning.

The plan is to drive the car 10-20 miles per day for now until I can figure out the engine/tuning issue.  I wish a Weber/carburetor expert lived close...carburetors are not my 'thing' and I know this car is close to running great if they could be tuned a little better.

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