Friday, November 24, 2017

Tweaking the carbs

Today, I attempted to rid the car of the backfiring issue and see if I can get the carburetors synchronized a bit better.

I reset the idle stops to initial set up (1/2 turn in after contacting the stop) and got the linkage to be as equal as possible.  Turns out that was 80% of the issue...which was a lucky break.

The left side is flowing better than the right side.  The #4 cylinder is at 6.  Due to the location of the port for #3 - I couldn't get a reading.  I need to get a hose or something to allow me to read it.
#1 is at 4, which is a little low - I think my target is around 6.  I brought the idle up to get them to match and the car was idling at 1500 RPM - at least 30% higher than I want.
#2 is at 3.5 - again, a bit low.  This is at about 960RPM.  I'd like the car to idle around 800-850 RPM if possible.

Not a bad start for 30 minutes of work - I have to figure out how to get a reading on #3 and then work out how to bring up the 1-2 side without having a high idle.

Once this is all worked out I'll change the oil and swap back to working on the doors.

There is fuel in the oil again after running the engine for about 15 minutes.  The strongest odor is coming from the left side carburetor (also closest to the T in the fuel line).  I'm guessing that the electric fuel pump retains too much residual pressure at shut down and the pressure is relieved via dumping fuel into the carburetor.  If this is, indeed, the case, I'll pull the electric fuel pump and install a mechanical fuel pump because I don't want my garage to smell like a fuel spill every time I drive the car.

I drove the car a short distance (a mile, round trip) to the subdivision pool parking lot to adjust the headlights.  In spite of the 'not quite' sync on the carbs, it drives MUCH better than it did with the clones.  They've got a slight whistle - typical indication that they're not synced quite right.  They're close...

I am excited just thinking about how much nicer it'll be to drive once they're adjusted properly.

The LED headlights are nice and bright - needs a little more adjustment but there's no crazy glare to oncoming traffic.

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