Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Weber install

The first 'win' today is that the roof rack was picked up after a no show yesterday.  The driver said he didn't get the pick up until today.
I wasn't able to get the carburetors installed yesterday because I couldn't get a wrench on the inside nuts - while searching for something else, I came up with the idea of using socket head cap screws.  After going to two different stores - I was able to find the right quantity and length to get them installed.
These things barely fit!

I was able to turn it over and get the car started but it runs real rough and backfires a bit.  Given that I know jack shit about carb tuning, I've got a lot to learn so that I can get these running right.  I had a phone conversation with the engine builder today about some things to check/adjust first.  I also found a 'carb set up' guide that I'm going to refer to when I make an attempt on Friday. 

So far, the only modification I know I'll have to make is remove and trim the air cleaner studs - they're too long for the RamFlo filters.  I'm going to wait until I've got everything dialed in before I do that though.

I took a very short video of the initial start up - it's below.  I'm getting closer!

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