Sunday, November 19, 2017

P45t adapter with LED headlight

 Took advantage of an opening in time to test out the P45t adapters in the 3 bolt headlight housing.

The adapters are well made and fit nicely in the housing.
 The LED bulb adapter fits snugly in the adapter.  This picture is a bit premature because I hadn't yet pushed the LED adapter into the P45t adapter.
Here's where things hit a slight snag:  At first glance, it appears that the cap cannot be secured over the two adapters because they're thicker than the bulb that normally occupies this space.  At second glance, I suspect it's the plastic adapters...but at third glance, I suspect it's the LED bulb adapters and that the tangs are too long - preventing the bulb cap from being secured to the housing.

To make sure I didn't go off all half-cocked and make unnecessary modifications - I taped the LED bulb to the back of the housing and mounted it to the headlight bucket - it fits without any drama.  So the issue is either with the P45t adapters (plastic bits), the H4 adapters for the LED bulbs or the metal bulb caps.  I've looked at the assembly a few times and believe it's either the H4 adapters (tangs are too long) or the P45t adapters (plastic interference with metal bulb cap).

Follow up EDIT: After some additional monkeying around - it turns out that both the P45t adapter and the LED bulb adapter require modification.  The LED bulb modification requires that the tangs are near flush with the P45t adapter (and they're still good to go in the H4 housings after modification) and the P45t adapters have to be shaved a bit with an razor blade to allow the cap to interlock with the housing.  I did get one to fit.  If I get time later this week - I'll get the other one done and test them out.

I'll call this a draw until I get a little further into it.

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