Sunday, November 12, 2017

NOS rear fender crate and headlights

The rainy cold weather spawned the decision to build a crate for the NOS rear fenders that are ultimately headed to California someday.  My son wanted to get his hands dirty and learn how to use some tools so we got on it.

This is the initial frame with the fenders to make sure it's the correct size.
 This is the finished product - I'm going to Home Depot tomorrow to get the plywood for the outer material.  I'm planning on using double wall cardboard to cushion the fenders inside of the crate to keep them from moving around too much in transit...which still has to be worked out.

The fenders are going to ultimately wind up on Ferris - he'll have three of the four fenders be NOS parts unless the 4th fender is found soon.
 Still waiting on the headlight people to send me the missing piece (glass tube) and I'm also waiting on the P45t to H4 adapters due inbound from the UK so I can test them on the 3 bolt headlamps and possibly eliminate the use of adapters, H4 bulb housings and single bolt headlight rings.

This is the LED light side - gives the car sort of a 'dead' look to it
The right side still has the P45t bulb in it - it looks more 'alive' and has a better reflection in the housing.  It's also a bit more water tight - meaning less corrosion in the headlight bucket but also possibly less air movement for the LED electronics.  This housing is deeper so I'm not sure it's going to work but I figured it was worth trying just so I know if it's possible.

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