Saturday, November 18, 2017

Building the crate for the roof rack

Today, the little dude and I prepared the roof rack for shipping after I went to Home Depot for supplies.

We covered all of the rails with water pipe insulation and taped it in place.
The finished result of keeping the 4 year old entertained for about 30 minutes.  He does good work when he's 'into it'.
 After a false start and standing around, staring at the rack and what I'd started to build, I came up with what would ultimately be the final form.  In fits and starts - when I had free time - I kept plugging away at building it.
 I've got two panels to place and some strapping to install and it's done.  Then it's a reweigh and updated dimensions before I get the shipping quote.  I'm hoping to get this thing off to the trucking company on Monday or Tuesday.
 The 40 IDF Webers arrived late today because it was one of those 'deliver the mail at 6pm' days.  There's a gasket missing so I am going to have to order those before I can get too far.

I've got plenty going on so I don't think this will slow me down any.
The once clean workbench is quite busy with lots of little things to get done.  It's a holiday week for the little dude so car projects may not get done quite so fast.

I traded the early Nutria ashtray that I had for a rebuilt late fuel pump today.

The parts book material sold so it also got packed up for shipping on Monday. 

I think this is my list of things to do so far:
* Test fit P45t adapters with LED bulbs in 3 bolt headlight housings
* Install Weber carbs
* Finish building driver's side door
* Build passenger's side door (if the driver's side goes well) - mitigate rust, top coat with paint, etc.
* Hook up the safety relay for the fuel pump (if everything else is good to go)
* Change the oil
* Put the rubber floor mats back in the car
* Finish printing supplements for Parts book

One day at a time...

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