Thursday, November 2, 2017

Headlamps, wiring and hand made adapters

 Today was more miscellaneous work that's almost not worth mentioning...for example: I swapped out the wires that came on the engine with the poorly crimped blue connectors with non-insulated connectors which I then covered with heat shrink.  There's something about the blue connectors that just doesn't look right in the car.

In addition to this minor win - I sorted the first seven sections in three parts books.  The fourth book has been reduced to random pieces.  The goal is to get the most up to date book, scan it into a PDF and sell at least one (or two) of the books.  I'll have a digital copy, a physical copy and the early book for reference.  I'm trying to pace myself with this project because it's very time-consuming and not terribly interesting.  It's about on par with sorting nuts, bolts and screws (which is basically done).
The stainless steel headlight trim rings and the LED bulbs came in today at a reasonable hour...I pulled the left side headlamp assembly, cleaned everything up, removed the city light wiring, replaced the wires from the headlight bucket to the turn indicator (frayed wires/blue connectors) with slightly longer wires and new connectors and attempted to reattach the retrofit kit for the sealed beam headlight buckets.
These little thin metal adapters have a certain "made in an alley in a 3rd world country" by a blind 9 year old type quality...they're supposed to be a dealer installed item for cars that came from Europe in the 60's so that sealed beam headlamps could be installed.  Each one is unique in that it's very unlike the others.  It's a puzzle that barely fit together the right way the first time - it'll never go back together in a useful manner ever again.  I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out the Rubik's cube solution to hold one headlight bucket where it should be (centered)...I failed.  And this is why the photo shows the headlight sitting on a stool - I couldn't get it to sit flat and centered without breaking out power tools and I was in no mood for that shit.

Possibly tomorrow, I'll be heading over to my favorite home improvement store to pick up a sheet of slightly thicker sheet metal so that I can mangle it into more consistent shapes to better hold the headlight buckets.

The USPS, predictably, arrived so late in the day that the mail truck almost required the use of headlamps so I didn't get to fix the wiring for the safety relay...but I do have them so it's just a matter of 30 minutes to get that installed.

I'll also be ordering a fuel pressure regulator - I think the left carb is getting flooded with fuel and that's contributing to the tuning and starting issues.  I should take a video and send it to the engine builder for ideas...

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