Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Finding all of the loose ends so I can tie them all together

The fender packing is complete - I tested the solidity of the packing by flipping it on its side, no noises other than the sound of it hitting the ground.

The crate will be here until shipping is worked out - it's actually now being used as a table where I store parts for the door rebuild.

After a short period of non-communication, the seller of the LED kit has indicated that they've shipped the missing piece.  That part should arrive on Thursday and I can get into the installation.  The P45t - H4 adapters should arrive within a week.  I might be able to get closure to this small project soon.

I sold the NOS rear seat cover to a guy with a super stock car - sad to see NOS parts leave but the ones that won't be installed on my car are just very slowly wasting away so they might as well be sold to those who will use them to improve their cars, right?

The Weber clones were shipped back and delivered yesterday - the engine builder communicated that the real Webers will be shipped out tomorrow and I should have them by the end of the week.

The door building process will be pretty good for the driver's side once the new trims arrive.  I found NOS door locks for the restoration so I'll use my good used parts to replace the super janky passenger's side door lock to get the car back on the road.  I'm going to work out a solution for the rust situation on the passenger's side so I can get the door back together.  I may try to use the new insulation I bought a while back but I have to get past the rust bit first.

I haven't yet figured out a solution to the wind wing broken welds...which will slip into requiring new wing seals...and if I'm going to do one, I might as well do the other one too.  Well, shit.  At least I have the parts.

Not much will happen over the next couple of days - I'm on a medically required break for two days.

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