Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Here we go again...

I got through sorting the 'non-parts' sections of the parts books - scanned everything except sections 8, 9 and the supplements.  I'm looking to get two or three of those done tomorrow before I have to stop and move on to other things.

I changed the oil in the car, bought some cheap oil to run through the engine while I adjust the pressure regulator.  The Holley regulator arrived today with the gauge but the gauge was defective so I went to the local parts store and picked one up with the oil.  I also bought a ton of brass fittings to get it all hooked up...in hindsight, I should have just put a mechanical fuel pump on it and called it done...but I like to do shit the hard way.  The oil will get changed once the pressure is correct to the VR-1 20/50 for the rest of the break in period.

The MPH speedometer arrived today as well - I'm just going to clean it up a bit and install it so I can track the number of miles during break in.

At the end of the day - I've got the oil changed and just have to install the regulator and gauge - then fire up the car...and hope that it actually runs better.  Tomorrow could be a good day.

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