Friday, July 13, 2018

A couple of NOS parts arrive

Some new parts came in today.

311 705 679
Reinforcement plate
for sub-frame mounting, front
311 255 961/962
Slide for heater outlet, left/right

I bought two sets of these because they're plastic and I like spares.

As a result of the parts selling, I've been able to move three plastic bins of parts into the cabinets with a proper bin location.  I'm currently working through a physical inventory to update my records - should be done on Monday.  The inventory project has revealed some parts that I know I'll never use and don't need.  I've stopped mid-count to post ads several times so I don't forget or change my mind.

Speaking of Monday, I should have an update on the pan situation by then as well...I kind of sat on it until I knew the circumstances and costs surrounding the engine rebuild and the shop was trying to finish up a couple of other projects before taking on more work.

Perhaps I can be driving this car by September...just in time for Fall.

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