Thursday, July 12, 2018

If you're going through hell, keep going

I talked with the engine builder today.  He apologized for the issues and is offering to replace all of the damaged parts at no cost to me.  While this thing is apart, a few improvements are going to be made...namely upgrading the heads to breathe better (from AA basic 043 heads to Panchito 44s), swapping out lash caps for swivel foot adjusters on the rockers and H beam CB Performance rods.  The barb fittings for the oil filter are being swapped out for AN fittings.  The rest of the engine will, largely, remain the same.  No machining is required so that'll speed up the process as well.

I'm very pleasantly surprised at the response by the builder - I wish I wasn't but...I expected way more push back than I got.  Shit's how people react when it does that defines them.

I'm cautiously optimistic that this will all work out 'okay' and I'll have it back in about a month.  The IRS conversion is off the table as a result of these costs so the swing axle rear end will go back in the car.  I may have to drop the rear end another spline in the back in an attempt to deal with the camber issue.  I may as well open up the axle tubes on the side covers of the transmission and add a gasket to loosen it up a tad bit while it's out of the car.

The cabinets are being rearranged and parts are being listed as they're found - the 'slim down' continues.

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