Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Just like the tide

I gathered all of the parts to send back to the engine builder so we can exchange the damaged parts for new parts.  These are the o-rings that are in the middle of the case.  That white shit is sealant/silicone.
This main bearing stayed 'together' upon removal.  If you look real close - you can see the oil passages are blocked by, yep, white sealant.
 At the other end of the crank - there's more white sealant blocking oil passages.

It was never a matter of 'if' this engine would fail but rather a matter of 'when'.  I'm feeling pretty good about the decision to tear it down when I did.
I got started on the glue removal process for the interior - I'm spending about 2 hours per day cleaning up the body - doing things like removing old carpet glue, checking wiring connections, pulling out old/smelly insulation (keeping it to make patterns for new stuff) and planning the next steps of this restoration.

This is the left side - tons of adhesive from where the carpet used to be...I spent some time on the other side with a couple of different chemicals to remove it.
After about an hour, this is what I had for a result.  Not quite all of the adhesive came off but most of it did.

I may try another product tomorrow to see if I can improve the result slightly.  I'd like to get the interior cleaned out so I know what I'm working with...so far, it's looking pretty good though.

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