Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Celebrate the ability to win small battles - even if it looks like the war may be lost

I took advantage of nearly a full day of time to start the tear down of the pan and subframe.

If you're following along - you'll notice this same picture from the previous post - it's where I started today.
It still surprises me how fast these cars come apart.  I have to stay focused - stay on task and not remove parts from the body...just the pan, man.
One thing I can do while all of this stuff is away being worked on is continue cleaning the underside of the body and clean interior panels.  I may also start cutting insulation to replace the 50+ year old stuff that's in the car because it's falling apart.
Transmission is out - axles will be removed on Thursday.  I'm hoping to sell it so I can buy an IRS transmission vs. converting this one.  The primary reason is that this transmission is way overbuilt for the engine that's in the car.

I'm going to consult another transmission shop and get their take before making a final decision.
I took this picture before I'd finished removing the parking brake.  The interior is out - all that's left is the rubber floor mats, pedal cluster and kick panels up front.

A couple of days will go by before I get back to this but it was a good start.

The rear end part is complete - the middle is nearly complete - the front is prepared for work.  I'll revisit the middle and then get to the front end.
Speaking of the front end - I noticed a few oddities while surveying the scene.  The lower beam collars don't seem to have seated quite right (look at green arrows for gaps) - I'm wondering if this may have anything to do with the weird feel of the car the last time I drove it.  The beam doesn't move at all but it also doesn't look quite right.

The fuel line is about toast on this pan (red circle) and will be replaced when the pan is replaced and the rear kick panel is fixed up and I finally get some NOS parts put to use.  I'm looking forward to this next phase as long as it goes like I hope.

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