Saturday, July 28, 2018

Be like them, lean back and breathe

I've got a tentative plan for where to mount the oil filter/thermostat but I need to wait until the engine is back together so I can make sure it'll clear the exhaust.  If I get lucky, it'll clear and I can continue the trek to get the oil cooler mounted.  I ordered up the last two fittings and the thermostatic switch today - now all I need are the 4 hoses and a couple of brackets.  It's getting close to 'figured out'.

Based on the current situation - it's looking like I'll be putting the swing axle rear end back into the car.  The IRS conversion will be delayed due to timing (assuming the pan and engine come back within the next 30 days).  Who knows though - I may send it out and get it back before the pan is done.  At least it can sit on 4 tires without the transmission if necessary.  The key to getting the IRS conversion started is by selling the SA transmission...or getting it converted to IRS.  I haven't worked those scenarios completely through yet so there are a decent amount of 'unknown' elements and costs.

Other 'unknown' items: reverting back to electric fuel pump (different type) or keeping the mechanical pump, cool air intake for the Webers, and whether I'm going to install the Malpassi Filter King that I bought or just use the old school fuel filters.

On Friday, I did get to check out the powder coated tin and it looks much better in semi gloss than it did with wrinkle paint.  I think the finished product is going to be pretty nice compared to what I had.  I'm hopeful that I'll get to drive the car before Winter shows up but August is right around the corner and that means there's about 3 months left before work stops for a few months.

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