Thursday, July 26, 2018

Time to clean...

 I spent a little time under the car removing the sealant from the pan seal - I'm VERY happy about the condition of the underside of the car.  It's super clean with some minor dents.  Most of the undercoating in this picture is now gone.

I hung the Python exhaust hoping to find some inspiration in where to mount the remote oil filter and have, so far, come up with nothing new.  I may very well have to use one of those exhaust hanger deals with some sort of extension to get it away from the engine a bit more.

A conversation was had yesterday with the original engine builder - he's confirmed that he's got all of the parts with the exception of the stock flywheel - should have that and the other rotating parts over to balance on Monday and the entire group should ship next week.  I continue to document everything and remain skeptical but optimistic, if that is a thing.
 Today - I spent the better part of two hours cleaning the underside of the car - the asphalt undercoating is slowly being removed from the car.  Removal is illustrating just how little paint they used on these cars on the under side - it's mostly the primer 'dip' with some overspray on the under side of the car.  This picture highlights the dripping pattern left as it dried.

I really wish I could just take the rest of the car apart and do the body work and paint - but the timing isn't good...on the other side of the coin - I should be able to drive this car in September with a good engine, trans and fully finished pan.
I'm on the hunt for a replacement piece for the plastic tab on the seat release mechanism at the door - the driver's side door piece broke off a while back and it's now allowing the door lever to dig into the bottom of the door.  I may go to the local hardware store and see if I can find something that'll work here.

I have NOS levers but don't really want to install them until the car is painted.

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