Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Fortune knocks but once - misfortune has much more patience

The case came apart today and I went over to watch it come apart and take pictures.

It's about as bad as I expected - nearly everything inside will have to be replaced for one reason or another.

26 mm oil pump for full flow: Scratched inside from metal filings.  Unable to re-use.
CB 74 mm forged crank:  Scratched main journals.  Cannot use as is.  These are supposedly super hard and are very difficult to polish/machine.
Build sheet indicates that a Gene Berg racing Chromoly gland nut is used:  Not Gene Berg, actually EMPI.
The entire case was covered with a sealant - there were several 'strings' of the stuff inside the case.

The case, so far, seems to have escaped damage, fortunately.
Sealant was used INSIDE the case to seal o-rings (WTF?)

Bearings are scored heavily for an engine with 200 miles on it and total run time of about six hours.
Sealant everywhere...

CB 5.4 I beams:  Not CB (see pictures)  All CB rods are marked CB from the factory. Unable to determine the actual brand.
Bearings are scored from metal filings and all require replacement.

Here's the rest of the diagnosis:

Cam:  Unusual wear, cannot re-use.
Scat racing lifters:  Cannot determine brand.  Flat instead of a slight dome.  Cannot re-use.

Aluminum cam gear:  Polished where metal filings were flying around.  Cannot re-use.

New stock 8 dowel (assuming this  refers to flywheel):  Not stock.  13 lbs instead of 17 lbs

The heads, pistons/cylinders, push rods and all of the external parts were fine.

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