Thursday, July 19, 2018

A goal without a plan is just a wish

The major progress for the day was executing the final details on 'The Grommet Project' - they're all organized, counted, bin located and identified for use on the car.  I've somehow got a grommet that has zero purpose on the Type 3 so I'll have to figure out if I missed them somewhere or if they can be sold.

Today, I finished organizing the cabinets, counting the parts and ensuring the bin locations are correct.  With the creation of new locations comes the requirement to make tags - which will be done tomorrow - and I discovered a way to keep the label holders on the bins.  Double stick tape.  So now my OCD kicks in and I want to go back and fix all of the bin location tags in the cabinets.  I started about halfway into the second cabinet so there's a decent bit to do yet.  I'll probably get started on it tomorrow.  The parts sell-through has been pretty good...making space to get things out of bins and into the cabinets.

I ordered some fittings for the fuel pump - I'm looking to get them tapped into the pump so I don't have to worry about the brass pipe falling out any more.  I looked into AN -4 hose and fittings but they're fairly expensive.  I may do that once everything else is dialed in because they'll use the same thread pitch on the fuel pump.

In addition to the fuel pump fittings, I ordered the oil filter mount/thermostat.  Once the engine is back in the car and I know where both the oil filter mount and the oil cooler are going to be mounted - I'll order up pre-made hoses with the fire sleeve.  It's supposed to keep the oil a lot cooler near exhaust pipes - and let's face it - I'm going to have a lot of those.  The current plan is to use header wrap on the exhaust pipes once the whole thing is back in the car and I've had the other two tubes welded into place.

The other thing I'm working on: The sound deadener for the pan when it comes back.  I chatted with Scott Taylor about the materials he used for his 62 T34 restoration.  Thanks to Scott, I've got a solid list of materials to buy.  I have to figure out where to prioritize it because I won't be putting carpet in the car until the body is done/painted...I'm going to have to figure out how to get a couple of years out of that rubber mat.

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