Saturday, July 7, 2018

Surprises can be compelling

I got the pan down, removed the shift rod and, while I was at it, took some pictures for, uh, posterity.

From far away, the pan doesn't look that bad.
 Rear left side - no rust through but it's dented up real good.  This kick panel bracket is in nice shape and still attached to the pan.
 Rear right side - rust through along with some red crap slathered on it.  Lots of holes covered up by the red stuff.  Lots of dents as well.
 Front part is decent but has lots of dents/creases that don't show up very well in pictures.
Rear right kick panel bracket - not much left and it's not touching the pan.
The body is in rather nice shape - no real rust to speak of and it's clean.
Underside of the rear right corner - a little rust on the body side but the contact surface with the pan is in great shape with no gaping rust issues.
 Rear left side is very clean
Right front - again, clean but has some rust to be dealt with.  Seems the right side of the body took the brunt of the rust issues.
 Left front looks pretty good!
 Left front - again, very clean.
 Right front is looking nice here.
Now would be the time to do any of the under dash wiring...but, alas, I don't have anything that needs to be done, short of figuring out why the horn didn't work (and that doesn't work without the pan).
The order of hardware arrived today - just in time!

The engine is possibly getting picked up on Tuesday to begin the tear down and rebuild process.  I'm VERY curious about what will be found inside.

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