Thursday, July 5, 2018

Time is too large, it can’t be filled up. Everything you plunge into it is stretched and disintegrates.

Today started late - partially due to the heat and partially due the job hunt.

I pulled the rubber mats, pedal cluster and the clutch cable.  Additionally, I removed the remains of the carpet and the pan bolts that are under the back seat.
Once I was content with the rear being checked out and the interior bits being finished, I moved to the underside and I got lucky - all of the pan bolts came right out - two squealed a little but nothing broken!

I count this one as a 'win'.
I removed the master cylinder, tie rods, brake lines and, finally, the front beam.  Since this just went in a few months ago - it came out somewhat easily.
There are a few areas on the front of the body that I want to address once the pan is off.  I think I can get this area nice and clean with a little more space to work.  The body is in pretty decent shape overall.
Here's a good view of the passenger's side floor - it's the worst of the rust - a small part of me wonders if it makes more sense to replace the rear quarters - but that would require me to buy the rear pieces from ISP and wait.  I have the KF pans and can probably get this going early next week.

I called the local dude about the IRS conversion but haven't heard back.  I may reach out to a couple of other places while I'm waiting just to see what's out there and available.

The second transmission shop called back and told me that my current transmission could be converted to IRS by swapping out the superdiff with an IRS one and replacing the side plates.  The cost is a bit higher than I was expecting so I'm going to try to figure out the next step to getting this process moving forward.

Tomorrow is body cart building day - and should also be 'pan drop' day.  It's coming apart on schedule - now I get to see if I am successful at getting the work done and put back together.  The momentum is high but time will tell...

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