Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A late Summer sprinkle of progress

The garage is quite a bit more organized today - I spent about an hour yesterday organizing the parts to put the car back together.

The pan, KF pieces and all of the related parts were picked up yesterday - should be back in 2-3 weeks, all done up, ready to go.
 The replacement engine tin was picked up yesterday - it's getting a semi-gloss black treatment to be closer to a stock appearance.  All of the wrinkle black will be gone.
The most expensive spacers possible showed up yesterday.  CSP must be employing old Amazon staff because they packed these two tiny spacers into this box filled with paper.  The freight cost was 3x what it should have been as a result.

It's fucking irritating when companies waste their customer's money because they're lazy.
Additionally, the grommet project is now complete.  I had some grommets that were not marked properly and it made their application more complicated than necessary.  I got that all worked out today...this is the grommet for the voltage regulator under the left side of the rear seat.  Original grommet.
This is the replacement grommet in its place - confirming the fit as correct.

I'm selling off the surplus grommets so identifying them and their accurate locations was important.

There will be a little bit of adhesive cleaning going on in the next few weeks.  Another task is getting the mating surface on the body for the pan as clean and straight as possible.  Short of ordering some random parts here and there it's likely to be quiet.

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